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With My Crypto Faucets management tool you can now manage all your Altcoin & Bitcoin Faucets under one dashboard! We made it as simple as it can get for our fellow faucet enthusiast to claim their winnings! Stay organize by knowing what Wallet address goes with what faucet, so you never lose control of your crypto earnings again! Simply sign up for a free account and start using our free faucet management service along with FREE Site Rotator, Custom Splash Page & Link Shortner Today!

How It Works

Faucet Management Tool

Track All Your Faucets - Track All Your Affiliate Links - Track How Much Each Faucet Pays Out - Which Wallet Address Belongs to What Faucet - Favor your Top Paying Faucets - All Accessed Through One Single Dashboard!

FREE Site Rotator, Splash Page & Link Shortner!

Manage, Host and Track your own Site Rotators - Create, Update, Host and Track your own Splash Pages for any website with the Easy Splash Builder Tool. - Share, Track & Shorten your Affiliate links with our easy to use Link Shortner - All tools are 100% Free to Use Once you Sign Up!

Targeted Banner Advertising

Promote Your Crypto Offers to real, human Bitcoin users at an extremely low CPC (Cost Per Click) Rates. Top quality banner advertising is the truly best way to target the Bitcoin market! Our banner advertising is promoted by Top Bitcoin ad agency A-Ads. Start your cost effective banner advertising today with these benefits: Targeted Bitcoin Users! - Real Human Visitors - Your Banners are in the ad space until all your unique clicks purchased are fulfilled - No contract or setup/ongoing fees!

Free Faucet Tools Built For Bitcoin Enthusiast by Bitcoin Enthusiast!
You can now get access to your faucet list from any device! With My Crypto Faucets Free services we make it as easy as possible for you to view all your faucets from any ware across the world!
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